The quest to finish my master thesis…

I am James Roy II. My quest in life is to seek justice for black communities by using my passion to revolutionize the Urban Planning industry.

I will be blogging my efforts to finish my master’s thesis of which I’ve been working on for over 2 years, without finishing… yet! What I have written so far is truly profound and needs to be completed for many reasons beyond merely earning my Master’s in Urban & Regional Planning. These thoughts, if taken seriously by others, will change the world.

I have taken into account my own life experiences as a black man in many different urban settings in this country and around the world. I am informed by the readings and actions of social justice giants. I am guided by mentors within my own life that have loved and believed in me.

The future of Urban Planning will put equity first. The future of Urban Planning will serve to correct its injustices. The future of Urban Planning will be more black. The future of Urban Planning will build environments that promote love.

People who love people would never put their knees on the back of someone’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds until they die! The industry of Urban Planning has had its metaphorical knee on the back of black and brown communities necks for over 100 years. Enough. WE can’t breath.

My quest continues and has never stopped.

My thesis is part of the quest. Walk with me. Let’s lead with Love.


Published by

James Roy II

I am an accomplished entrepreneur, community-driven professional, public speaker, and creator. I am driven by my passion for urban planning, equity, art, and travel. With a wide range of skills, I put excellence into everything that I do and aim to make an IMPACT.

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