I am not well…

I posted this on my social media accounts earlier today. I was inspired me to get back up from being depressed and to continue living my life through action.

I am not well… I am merely pretending to be. My heart aches and mourns for the lives lost to fear and racism as if they were my own blood… Breonna, George, Ahmad.. I have cried and howled in pain for you.

I have struggled mentally and questioned reality on a regular basis… Hate is alive and has shined through as an active pandemic ravages the world…

As my friends,.. Denver’s young leaders,.. took to the streets of our city, equipped with anger, passion, and megaphones, a fire raged inside of me… It was a surge of motivation to lead with strategy and vision for long-term systemic change… This is what I’ve been working towards and preparing for my entire life. This is why I chose to pursue the profession of Urban Planning.. an industry that has had an intentionally constructed negative impact on the legacy of black and brown communities across the United States for over 100 years. It’s an industry that has had it’s metaphorical knee on the back of my community’s neck and has never let up… I chose to infiltrate the disproportionately white-male-led profession as a means to use my passion to correct the injustices that have had a large part in creating the inequity we face today…

Now is MY time! This is what I’m here for. I’ve been working to align leaders to take actionable steps in changing the world.

However, I must admit… I’ve struggled.. I am not well… I am hurt. I feel overwhelmed. I am depressed… I need my friends and family more than ever to keep my motivation alive. Your love is keeping me going. Thank you, thank you, thank you… Please keep it coming.

This time we’re going to keep the iron of justice hot and continue to run towards long-lasting revolutionary change. We will not let complacency back into our quest. Let’s go!!! Stay angry! Stay motivated! Stay strategic!


Published by

James Roy II

I am an accomplished entrepreneur, community-driven professional, public speaker, and creator. I am driven by my passion for urban planning, equity, art, and travel. With a wide range of skills, I put excellence into everything that I do and aim to make an IMPACT.

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